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Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Fan...

I grew up with a father that wasn't really into sports. He would much rather tinker with, wash, Armor All and/or wax one of his big boy toys (sports cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles). I never even really paid attention to football until high school.

And really, I didn't so much pay attention to football...I paid attention to the football players. Eventually, I started to date the QB of our high school team and since I didn't want to be a complete fool by just shouting his name constantly, I actually started to pay attention to football. I asked questions of the guys sitting beside me in the stands. I listened when the guys would talk about the game afterwards. I even ended up watching it on TV. My QB boyfriend and all of his guy friends even got me to WANT to pay attention to football. It was exciting to watch and fun to talk about and compare teams.

At that time, I became a fan of Penn State and the Dallas Cowboys. I was only really exposed to those teams through my QB boyfriend's total devotion to those teams. It was when the Dallas Cowboys were hot (and I mean both on and off the field...Troy Aikman...hello?!) and most of my guy friends cheered them on with their wins and suffered right along with them at any of their losses. I knew plenty of other guys that liked other teams but I loved hanging out with all of the guys watching a Cowboys game on TV. There was so much energy!

My following boyfriend played football too and even went off to play for a college team. It was fun watching high school games on a chilly Friday night but watching him play college football couldn't have been more thrilling for me. He played tight end and he was amazing to watch. He loved playing the game and it showed. His family was from PA and they were (are) die-hard Steelers fans. I didn't know what a terrible towel was before I met them, but I learned very quickly that I needed to respect it if I were to watch football with them. His family had a passion for all things black & yellow. I loved being a part of that! I have to say, to this day when I see Bill Cowher commenting on a game, I get that same rush of excitement I did when he was on the sidelines, chewing on his gum like a mad man, coaching the Steelers.

Now a days, you will find me hanging out on the coach with my husband (that didn't play football...he was on the UofM crew team), cheering for the Michigan Wolverines, in my totally cute UofM football apparel from Victoria's Secret. They have sweats, hoodies and t-shirts that still make you feel and look like a girl and are oh so comfy! Lately though, we have had to DVR the games because I have Field Hockey games to coach for both of my girls. It's not as much fun watching them on DVR. I feel kind of silly yelling at the TV when I know the guys are already showered and moving on from the day. Not that when I yell at the TV while watching them live is any less silly, right?! It's not like they can hear me and if they could...I am the last person they would listen to.

So, I went from Penn State and the Dallas Cowboys, to the Salisbury Sea Gulls and the Steelers to the University of Michigan. We watch NFL games too but haven't really settled on a team. We cheer for the Ravens because my 7 yr. old nephew loves them and I will do anything to make him happy (Although, I am not enjoying watching them as much without my favorite Tight End, Todd Heap. Seems like I like me some Tight Ends, doesn't it?!). We cheer for the Lions because my husband is from Michigan (3-0 baby...geez, I hope I didn't just jinx that). We cheer for the Patriots because Tom Brady is a UofM graduate (Well, that is why Chris cheers for them. I cheer for them because Tom Brady is a total cutie...when his hair is cut short...not like Shaggy's from Scooby Doo).

All of this history from the girl who grew up without watching football on Sundays. Now, I look forward to Saturdays and Sundays with a great game on the tube! So, thank you to the guys throughout my life that made me pay attention to football. I am happy to call myself a football fan!

Why do you cheer on the team you follow today? Were you born and raised into it? Have you stuck with your hometown/state? Was it through friends? Was it through school? Was it out of love?

Please leave a comment. I would love to know the answer.

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At September 26, 2011 at 1:56 PM , Blogger Shell said...

I grew up in Pittsburgh, so we're die-hard Steelers fans.

At September 26, 2011 at 3:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

\I never thought of football until I had a son. He started to play at age 9.That's when I learned football. I love the Ravens,good bad or indifferent. I am excited that our granson plays,it reminds me of when his dad played.I also have a great fondness for field hockey,coach & two of the cutest players that ever touched the turf.

At September 27, 2011 at 8:46 AM , Blogger Jon said...

I hope Joce reads this. She was over last Saturday, hanging out and making an apple pie with me (after a trip to the orchard) while Lori was at a volleyball tournament and I was watching Michigan play SD St. She couldn't understand why I was so interested in the game, noting that she's really the only Higgins kid who doesn't like to watch football. So, thanks for helping explain what I couldn't!

At September 27, 2011 at 9:38 AM , Blogger Tiffany said...

I am a die hard Cowboys fan! I picked them as my team when I was in high school and have never left their side, even when they're down. I agree, Aikman, *swoon*, boy he was nice to look at.

My husband is a Patriots fan, so I root for them too and having Brady on their does make it more enjoyable.

At September 27, 2011 at 2:40 PM , Anonymous lislawlor said...

Love football...grew up in WI and yes I am a cheesehead as a result:) Even tore ligaments in my knee playing football behind the school with some high school! Great memories!

At September 29, 2011 at 3:36 PM , Blogger The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Football season also has the best food! Wings, nachos, chips w/dip, chili....YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!

At September 29, 2011 at 4:37 PM , Blogger Erin said...

I have to say I get into college football more than the NFL. Still a huge Bears fan, but definitely a Sparty through and through. Keith however has made me an honorary Redskins fan even though I have fought it for the past couple of years, but I am a sucker for him. ;-)


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