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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clean up from Hurricane Irene

Yep, we lost power alright...for 73 hours!! It just came on last night (Tuesday) at 7:00PM and we lost it at 6:00PM on Saturday night. I was too exhausted to even turn on the computer last night to catch up on my blog. AND trust me, I REALLY wanted to but I was rockin' a migraine and just wiped out from the exhaustion of trying to get things accomplished without modern technology to help me. See, for our house and many of my friends' houses...we have well water. So, without power, we have no pump to bring water to our house. I'm not going to sugar coat was brutal! We filled our bathtub on the main floor with water and designated that as our hand washing water, tooth brushing water and yes, our toilet tank water. We had to fill the tank to flush. I know, totally sounds like a blast, doesn't it?! But we did it and so did so many people in our area and we are happy that was our biggest hardship.

So, let's get to the exciting stuff...the picture below was actually shown on The Weather Channel...hollah!!!
We can't find the monkey bars and swings...can you?!
I believe I was working on getting the water station set up (aka - bathtub) when I heard a loud crash. I ran to our great room and that is what I saw. Thankfully, that was the worst of it in our yard. We had several other tree tops snap off and fall down to the ground (and some are still stuck among the other branches) but the big mess would be cleaning up this gigantic branch on the swing set.

This is where our hero, Chris, (aka - The hubs, Daddy) came to the rescue!
Truthfully, I think he couldn't wait to get his chainsaw out :-)
Notice the work boots...this lumberjack means business!
This tree branch is going down...again!!!
The hubs dissected this tree like it was his profession. He had it in pieces in no time at all, took the axe to the bigger pieces and then stocked the wood pile to keep us all warm & cozy during the winter.

Before Irene came to town, there was no wood pile on the left and the wood holder on the right was empty
Chris wasn't done there though. He continued to clean the yard of all the fallen branches & twigs so Ash & Bean and our dog, Jamaica, wouldn't get hurt while playing in the yard. (Yes, I know that there is a trampoline in the background and that the girls are more likely to get hurt on that than by a fallen limb in the yard but you get my point!)

Is that tree branch removal or what?! Come on, it really is the "after" picture and not one from a previous day!
For kids and a dog who had been trapped inside until it was deemed safe to go outside...he was definitely our hero!!! Now, if I could just get him to tackle that junk closet of ours...(without a chainsaw, I mean...don't get any ideas, Chris!)

Do you have any stories to share from Hurricane Irene?

P.S. Baltimore Gas & Electric - Thank you for restoring the power to our house. Never have I been so happy just to flush a toilet :-)

P.P.S Dear Smartphone - I will never say, "Smart...really?!?! Then why did you just auto correct the way you did?!?!", again. You kept me connected with family & friends when the land lines couldn't. I may even treat you to a new, pretty cover :-)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Survival Food

I don't know what happened to me today between my drive from home to the many stores I had to search through for water but somehow the items listed on many a website from some expert in emergency preparedness went right out the window. When the items I purchased started going across the conveyor belt it looked like I was getting ready for a tailgate party, not a hurricane. I mean who goes to the grocery store for water, toilet paper, batteries and ice and comes home with 3 cases of Coke Zero, 1 case of Coke, 1 of those new 1.25 liters of Coke Zero (It makes me laugh when I see myself or someone else drink straight from it. I picture a brown paper bag around it and call it a 40.), bag of UTZ pretzels, bags of UTZ honey bbq chips and sour cream & onion chips, Tostitos Hint of Lime and Artisan Garlic & Black Bean tortilla chips, verde salsa, Sandies cookies (2 varieties), 3 different flavors of organic lemonade & a bag of Three Musketeers?! That would be me!!! Really, the only thing missing to make this an official tailgate party was a keg and Chris's famous wings. Darn, why didn't I pick up the ingredients for those?! They are super yum!

This is what I call surviving!!! Most of it couldn't fit into the picture :-) We are set!!!

Seriously though, I did find the water (after several stores and phone calls to/from Chris and friends), the toilet paper, the batteries and the ice (I even bought dry ice)...I wouldn't mess around with keeping my family safe. I guess after the earthquake we had on Tuesday and this huge storm barreling down on us I needed to make light of the situation so I wouldn't fall apart. The earthquake reminded me in just a matter of seconds that we are not the ones in control (as much as we like to think we are). Hurricane Irene is another huge reminder right on it's heels.

So, take stock and remind everyone important to you that you are grateful to have them in your life! 

To all of my family and friends...I am so thankful to have all of you to share my life, love and laughter with!!!

Please be safe everyone! If I don't post for a while...lets just hope it is because of a power outage.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My blog friends

I had to get one more post out tonight. It may seem silly to most of you but to me, well, it makes me happy. I started this blog because I was looking for a little something for myself and felt inspired after I stumbled upon Ashley at I began to think of her as a friend instead of a stranger whose world I was invading like the papparazzi. Then I started to read some of the blogs that she follows and speaks so highly of. Ashley has great taste (in everything!), so I knew she wouldn't steer me wrong and she didn't. I started to spend my few minutes of "me" time catching up with Ashley and her blog friends, Casey at and Cori at It was like kicking my feet up on the ottoman in my PJs with a cold Coke Zero...a happy thing!

This blog thing is all new to me and I don't even now how to do most of it yet but it reminds me that no matter how big the world is, we can find connections with people all over it. You never know where you will find a friend. Ashley, Casey and Cori have a ton of followers but they make you feel like they are writing directly to you...naturally. They inspire me just like my friends at home in so many ways. (You all know who you are and I promised not to mention names w/o permission and its late at night and I don't want to wake you ;-) )  So, even though Ashley, Casey and Cori may not know it, I consider them friends too! And I thank them for helping me find a little something for myself. Life has been a lot happier since!!

Have any of you turned any blog authors into your friends? Even if they don't know it?


Junk drawer?! Come on, you can do better than that...

I'm guessing a few of you have junk drawers out there. Well, we have one too but it is actually a closet...not a drawer. I am about to show you my latest project and boy is it embarassing!

What a mess!!!
Well, the secret is out of the closet! This is the place where everything ends up that no one in my family is sure what to do with (mostly the hubs and the girls). I've made attempts to clean out this junk closet but I get completely overwhelmed and slide the door shut and pretend I never opened it. Now that I am a stay at home mommy again, I've decided to take back this closet from the land of the lost. And you know what?! Everything that was supposedly "lost" is in here! I found a house key from a house I lived in 13 years ago and lost 13 years ago. I have lived in 3 different places in between that house and this house and not once have I come across that key before today. Somehow it ended up in this closet!

I know it's not much, but take a look below at what I accomplished today. I know it doesn't look like much but trust me, it took two hours to clear out a lot of stuff on the floor, in the many bags my girls have dumped in there and the brown basket you see was extrememly full and now it is empty! The guys who have to pick up our recycling bins are going to looove me! NOT! Focus on the bottom two shelves and the floor. The two shelves on the top give me nightmares. I'm going to leave them for this weekend when we are locked indoors due to Hurricane Irene and Chris can't get away! (I think I may slide the door shut again if he is not beside me to keep me safe from the monster hiding in there.)

I betcha we'll find a portal to another dimension when we get this thing all cleaned up!
What do you have? A junk drawer or junk closet? Or both?! Post a comment or tweet me at KristenPGIP to let me know.

I'll post an "after" picture soon!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Note to self...Get off the computer and move!

That's right, we're headed out to run at our local park and we have smiles on our faces
I'll be honest, I'm not the best at sticking to an exercise routine or getting my money's worth out of a gym membership. I'm not saying I am sedentary by any means but I get bored and give up before the promised "6 weeks until abs that could stop a truck". I find my car on auto-pilot headed to Chickfila, Target and/or Old Navy instead of in the direction of the gym.

I knew I needed to get moving though to stay healthy for my family. What motivated me to get moving? The running club at my daughters' school last spring open to 3rd-5th graders. Ash signed up & they announced at the end of the school year that the members of the club would be running a 5K and invited family members to join them. Ash asked me and how could I say no. You've seen her beautiful face! At the time I was recovering from a bad case of pneumonia (and I already have asthma) and I thought to myself, "Oh my goodness, I can't run 5 blocks right now. How can I run a 5K?!"

But you know what?I did it and I did it beside my most favorite 9 year old girl in the whole world. We trained together with a run now and then, dancing, playing in the yard and just telling each other that we could do it if we stayed together. That 5K was the best run in my life! Ash and I talked about anything and everything and pushed each other to keep going.

When we crossed the finish line, it was AMAZING! Were we the fastest? Not by a long shot! Were we the most graceful? Oh my goodness, no! But we did it...together!! 

My favorite part of the day though (besides not having to call 911 from a heart attack) was on the drive home. Out of the blue, Ash stopped belting out whatever song was on the radio and from the backseat told me she couldn't have done it with out me. 

Refillable water bottle - $9.99, Running shoes - $69.99, Finishing a 5K with my daughter by my side - PRICELESS!

And guess what?! I'm still moving and enjoying it!!

What motivates you to exercise?

Share Your Awesome


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today was the first day of school for kids in our area. My girls couldn't have been more excited. They already had their "Meet and Greet Teacher Day" at the school and were thrilled with their homeroom teachers. I thought last night would be difficult getting them to fall asleep with all of the thoughts in their heads but they went down pretty easily. This morning they woke up, brushed their teeth, let me do their hair (thanks to Aussie Hair Insurance...see my previous blog) and got themselves dressed without a complaint. My two girls were ready to start the new school year off with a bang!! I was excited too! Was being the key word in that last sentence. When we stepped outside to pose for our "First Day" photo session something hit me and hit me hard...

Preppy runs in the family

Yep, Bean has the preppy gene too!
It was one of those bittersweet moments. Ash and Bean radiated joy while I had to hold back the tears and put on a smile. It wasn't that I was worried they weren't prepared enough. It wasn't that I was upset that they would be off learning and experiencing new things without me. It wasn't because I didn't want to let them go and find out who they are as individuals. It was that when I looked through the camera lens, I saw two girls who have grown up in the blink of an eye.

Everyone always says to take your time and smell the roses and we all say we are going to. Let's face it gets in the way of that sometimes. No matter how hard we try, we can't always slow things down the way we want to. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the faster I feel time moves. I look at my girls sometimes and I find a new freckle or a tiny little scar and I wonder how long it took me to notice it. They stand beside me and I wonder, "How much longer before they are as tall as me or even taller?". I wonder how much longer they will play with The Littlest Pet Shop, Squinkies, Legos and American Girl dolls? I wonder how much longer they will want to hold my hand while crossing the street for safety or just taking a stroll. I wonder how much longer they will be eager to share every detail of the day with me.  

I want my girls to look back on their childhood and know that their mommy may have made some mistakes along the way by allowing life to push me too fast at times but that my biggest achievement in this life was bringing them into this world. They are only starting 4th and 2nd grade and I already know that those two girls can be anything they want to be and do whatever they set their minds too.

I can't stop time from moving on but I can look through the camera lens a bit deeper and soak up every minute of it.

Happy First Day to my little girls, because no matter how old/big you will always be my little girls! Ash & Bean, Mommy loves you!!

The Preppy Girl in Pink with her two preppy little girls


Monday, August 22, 2011

The Knot Fairy

Two Christmases ago, my in-laws gave my girls the perfect book. It is called "The Knot Fairy" and is written by Bobbie Hinman and illustrated by Kristi Bridgeman.
She looks cute and all but do not invite this fairy into your home...she is worse than a vampire!
This book has become a regular read in our house. Why?! Because the Knot Fairy visits our house almost every night when our girls are off in dreamland. We have tried to set traps. We have set up motion detectors. We have hired dragons to keep watch during the night. No matter what our attempts to keep the Knot Fairy away she still finds her way into our girls' bedrooms and reeks havoc on their long hair. When my girls get out of bed it looks like they were caught in a windstorm!!

This is Bean this AM. Notice the tangles start at the top...UGH!!!
Ash's hair is a lot easier to tackle. Thank goodness...because she is the one that complains it hurts before the brush even touches her head! I can basically break my way through the knots that Knot Fairy left behind in 3 minutes flat (yes, I've timed it...). Bean's hair is a whole different story. I think the Knot Fairy likes to stay and play a while in Jenna's hair because it looks like gold silk. I honestly believe she neglects other kids on her night's schedule to spend more time tying knots in Bean's hair!! Bean is a trooper though and she loves her long, blonde hair so she puts up with the battle between brush and knots EVERY morning. I have tried leave in conditioner & leave in conditioner spray. I have spent more money on hair products for her hair than I have on my own. (You all have seen my crazy curly hair...if anyone needs expensive hair is DEFINITELY me!!) But truly, my girls love their long hair and refuse to cut it short (I've even bribed them). So, I have searched high & low (price ranges that is) and I finally went back to what I call an "old school" product. Old school because I used to use their products when I was in school and that was a long time ago. I used them until I made enough money to set up an appointment at a fancy hair salon and let them talk me out of over the counter hair products (Yep, you got it...SUCKER is written across my forehead. I'm surprised you didn't notice it on the pictures I have posted.) Anyway, I was desperate and maybe a bit nostalgic when a certain product in purple caught my eye on the shelf at Target. (Sorry Chris, but I was there...again. Don't worry, I got out of the door without spending $100 this time. The total was only $99.99.) So, I took the product off the shelf. Read the ingredients (pretended I knew that they were all miracle knot untying ingredients) and tossed it into my cart with the cute new tunic length top and leggings, a pair of ballet flats, Rio on DVD, a retro t-shirt with the old game "Pitfall" on it in a size small from the men's section (because it is for me not the hubs) and some random bags of candy. (I told you that Knot Fairy was trouble!!! Look how much money I ended up spending at Target because of her!!!)

That night I couldn't wait for the Knot Fairy to show up. I gave the dragons the night off, I turned off the motion detectors and put away all of the traps (not that they were working but I am always hopeful). I was ready to let the Knot Fairy have the night of all nights! Well, you can see in the picture above that my plan worked. I'm surprised the Knot Fairy didn't wake everyone in the neighborhood with the party she had in Bean's hair!!

I was calm and relaxed though because I was armed with this...
The Knot Fairy's nemesis
See, I knew some of you would recognize this product! Oh and the way it smells...I'm starting to think my dog's hair could benefit from it too!! Anyway, I had the brush in one hand and the spray in the other and I was fit for battle. I sprayed lightly on the top and underside of Bean's hair and started with the brush at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Let me just tell you, this stuff is INCREDIBLE!!! The brush slid through with ease and Bean stared at her beautiful, golden locks in the mirror with a smile instead of tears welling up in her eyes. She, like me, either loves a smell or wants to vomit...again, with me, there is no middle ground. She did a twirl and said, "Now we need to do the after picture, right Mommy?". And I said, "We sure do!"
Seriously, Rumpelstiltskin is drooling over this hair!!
Has the Knot Fairy been to your house recently?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farewell Summer of 2011

I know that the majority consider Labor Day the last day of summer but here in Maryland, my girls go back to school on August 23rd. I know, it's awful! I feel like we are being robbed of the last two weeks. So, for our one last hoorah we had my parents over to celebrate summer the way most Marylanders do...with locally caught & steamed crabs and locally grown watermelon and corn on the cob!
Maryland Steamed Crab

Locally Grown Sugar Baby Watermelon
The day started out hot and humid (typical for us). Then as time got closer for the big hoorah, it became darker and darker. We began to hear the rumble of thunder and the air was heavy. My parents arrived with a half bushel of crabs (depending on the size of the crabs it could be 25-35 them). Chris began to grill the corn and I cut the watermelon into slices. This celebration was all about eating with our hands. We all sat down in our screened in porch at the table covered with Trader Joe's and Whole Foods paper bags made into a tablecloth and began to crack open our crabs. Well, not Ash, she is picky and thinks seafood is "gross". She ate corn dogs...which I think are "gross"! It was mid afternoon but it was so dark we were all beginning to yawn while getting every nook and cranny we could out of the crabs. It's funny how a grey sky can fool your body like that! We were taking guesses on the time and we were off by about 4 hours! Finally, after we each had about two crabs down, the sky let loose. Thankfully, my husband worked his bum off in the 100 degree heat and just finished replacing the entire roof on our screened in porch!! (Way to go, honey!!)Otherwise we would've had to move the party indoors (and let me just tell you, I am not a fan of crab shells flying all through my house as every pounds down with their mallets in search of that yummy meat). The thunder was earth shaking...the kind where you duck because you are waiting for something to fall on top of you. As Bean put it, "I felt that in my chest." The rain was coming down in sheets. Just as my Mom said, "It doesn't seem to be cooling off at all.", the cooler temps came in with the wind. We finished eating the steamed crabs, corn on the cob, watermelon, corn dogs and I forgot to mention...Cool Ranch Doritos (yes, our breath was just fabulous after this gathering!) while watching the storm around us. 

This is my Dad's pile of crab shells, corn on the cob and watermelon rinds. That is quite the accomplishment in Maryland!
It wasn't the beautiful day that everyone hopes for on their last day of summer but it was a memorable day. Great food, great company, great conversation and great laughs!!

How will you celebrate your last day of summer this year?

P.S. Did you notice that I uploaded pictures from our camera instead of using my phone? I'm moving on up ;-)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new toy for Kristen

I went to California Tortilla the other night with one of my good friends. We needed a quick bite to eat before heading to a meeting. What is quicker (and yummier) than tacos or quesadillas? Little did I know that my heart would skip a beat when it was time to fill my drink. They have this crazy cool, new, touch screen Coca-Cola machine. Yes, you read that correctly...touch screen, my friends!! As you can see above it is in a very sleek, beautiful stainless steel home. The screen is loaded with choices. I can't even do this machine justice!

But for those who know me, they know what I am about to say by what is up on the screen in the first picture. I LOVE COKE ZERO!!! It is to me what coffee (or crack) is to most people. When I put my index finger on the Coke Zero tab for the first time, I NEVER, not in my WILDEST dreams thought what happened next was even possible. I actually did a few small jumps in the restaurant and let out a few squeals of delight. They not only had Coke Zero as an option they had...wait for it...Coke Zero Raspberry, Coke Zero Orange, Coke Zero Vanilla, Coke Zero Cherry, Coke Zero Cherry Vanilla and Coke Zero Lime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There must be little, tiny Coca-Cola employees who fit inside this machine and make your drink to order. It is AMAZING!!!

You know one of the best things?! My friend even got excited. So excited in fact that we created a line for the people who desperately needed to cool their mouths off from the zillion and one hot sauces that California Tortilla offers and no one can deny.

This is the best toy EVER! Santa, If I'm a good girl all year, may I have one...PLEASE?! I promise, I won't ask for anything else :-)

What makes you jump up and down and squeal a bit with excitement?


A bit about me

Can I just tell you how much I love this picture of my husband (Chris) and our two daughters (Bean on shoulders, Ash standing)?! Yes, those are nicknames. No, we weren't trying to copy some movie star and scar them for the rest of their lives. I took this picture on my phone on the fourth of July (kinda obvious with the color scheme and the flag flying proudly behind them). I take lots of pictures with my phone. They don't always turn out as crystal clear as I would like, but I love them all the same. So, that's one thing you now know about me. Not very interesting but it will explain why my pictures are sometimes fuzzy :-)

I think the easiest way to get to know me (besides following my blog) is a simple question and answer blog...I ask the questions and I answer them too :-)

1. What is my favorite color? Yellow. I bet you were thinking pink from the title of my blog. Dressing in pink just makes me feel preppy and feeling preppy makes me feel happy! Yellow is just amazing. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the warmth in the sky. It is energizing, yet soothing.

2. What is my favorite flower? Sunflower. Although, where I live all of the deer eat them! So, I either enjoy them through photographs/paintings, by visiting other gardens that have guard snakes on 24 hour duty to keep the deer away or by adding them to my cart at Trader Joe's.

3. What is my favorite dinner? Filet Mignon (medium rare), garlic mashed potatoes and string beans. A little bit of drool just found itself on the corner of my mouth.

4. What is my favorite dessert? ICE CREAM!!!! I could eat ice cream all day long if (A) - we could afford it and (B) - if we could afford to buy a new wardrobe to keep up with all of that ice cream eating and I guess I will throw in (C) - if it wasn't considered unhealthy.

5. What is my favorite band? U2...hands down!!! (I'm showing my age aren't I?!)

6. What is my favorite reality show? The Voice!! It is actually the only reality show I have ever watched besides the first season of Survivor. Let me just tell you that I love to compete but I do not like to watch other people compete. I always feel sorry for the person who doesn't win but The Voice didn't make me feel that way. I think it was because of the coaches - Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera. I just felt like even the people who didn't make it all the way learned something and had an incredible experience. You'll have to check it out if you haven't seen it. The next season starts right after the Super Bowl.

7. Where is my favorite place to shop? The Loft. Great clothes and great sales!!!

8. Do I like to have my picture taken? NO!!! This is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog. I need to get comfortable in front of a camera. I usually hide whenever I see a camera come into view. It drives my husband crazy!

9. What is my favorite thing to do with my family? Easy...Friday Family Fun Movie Night!! We eat dinner out, rent a movie from Redbox (genius...pure genius whomever came up with this idea), hangout on the couch and munch on some kind of yummy dessert. During the school year we do this every Friday night. I know, lots of repeats on movies but who doesn't when you have children?!

10. What is my favorite thing to do with my friends? Hang out and chit chat.

11. What is my favorite animal? Polar bear. So snuggly looking yet so deadly. When I was little I had no idea of what they could do to their prey. I just thought they looked like a nice, warm bear to cuddle up with. I still feel that way...from a distance of course ;-)

12. What is my favorite cartoon? The Peanuts. When I was little I loved the comics and the TV specials because I thought they were cute. Now that I am older, I laugh even more because there is so much adult humor written in.

13. What is my dream vacation? A beautiful home on the ocean in the Caribbean, with a butler, cook, housekeeper, shark repellent, jelly fish repellent, sting ray repellent, sand that stays on the beach and not in my hair or swimsuit and a huge umbrella that keeps my family safe from the sun.

14. What is my favorite thing about my husband? His brain!!! The boy is smart!!! Like crazy smart!!!

15. What are my favorite things about my daughters? Ash has a huge heart! Bean has a huge imagination!

Are there any questions that you would like to ask? I'll answer them if I can.

Now that you know a bit about me, I hope you'll stick around to see what pops into my brain and finds it way onto this blog!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

I can't believe I'm really doing this...

I have been secretly dreaming about starting my own blog for months now. One day I stumbled upon one of the best blogs on the web by searching for a cake pop recipe. (It was for my oldest daughter's end of season lacrosse party.) I typed in "cake pop recipe" in what other search engine but Google and up popped Right away I was like a kid in a candy shop. My eyes were darting all around to take in everything on the page. I told myself to focus and get to work on the cake pops (you'll find as you read this blog and get to know me that I am either over focused or all over the place...there really is no "in the middle"). I followed the tutorial and they were so yummy!! (Not nearly as beautiful as the ones shown in the tutorial but what 9 year old girl is going to scoff at a cake pop, even if it is a bit messy?!) But guess what happened next?! As soon as they were all packaged for delivery to the party I found myself logging back on to the website. I decided to start from the beginning (where else, right?) and find out who Little Miss Momma was. Within just a few readings I found myself laughing out loud, crying, agreeing with shared thoughts, wishing I was as cute & crafty and thinking, "Geez, why can't Ashley live in my town? I want to run into her at her local farmer's market and start hanging out." I have been reading her blog every day since. I know all kinds of things about her and her family and she doesn't even know I exist. I have never once commented on her blog. Why? I'm not sure but today I decided to follow in her footsteps and join the ranks of all of you bloggers. I also plan on making my first comment on her blog today. I know...crazy, right?! I'm sure this doesn't seem like a big deal to most of you but I am a pretty private person. To share my thoughts, my feelings, my life...well, its a pretty big deal to me. Hence the reason it has taken me so long to start this. So, I'm just going to rip the band-aid off. Here goes...

One of my close friends sent me a text in the early afternoon today to tell me that she was still in her pajamas. Now, this friend is usually up with the roosters that crow just as the sun is rising (really she's up because her kids are up and louder than the roosters but you get my drift). She is also usually dressed by 7:00am in the cutest, most stylish outfits. She is normally out the door by 9:00am on some errand turned adventure with her kids. Do you know what my reply was to her? I texted, "I love it!!! Sounds like the perfect day to me!!!"

I can't even keep track of how many PJ days I have had! They have grown wildly in number since the birth of my first daugther 9 & 1/2 years ago. PJ days are the best...You can lounge around and read books snuggled up with your little ones on the couch/bed. You can get down on the floor and play with your little ones/pets without your low rise jean button digging into your lower abdomen. You can eat a sugary bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because lets face it...nothing tastes better than cereal when you are in your PJs. You can catch up on all of your favorite shows on On Demand and ones that you have DVR'd. You can call up a friend and chit chat like you did when you were in high school (yes, I mean late at night when your parents said no more phone calls but you snuck them anyway) and feel young again with the phone on your ear, your back on the seat cushions and your legs up on the back of your most comfy couch. PJ Day ROCKS!!!

When was your last PJ day and what did you do?