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Monday, October 31, 2011

The End of the Field Hockey Season...

I have been staring at this computer screen for quite some time. I keep looking at pictures from the field hockey season instead of writing. I'm afraid that once I actually put down the words that all of the emotions will come out. I don't want to admit that the end of the field hockey season is here.

I know you are all probably sick of reading about my love of coaching this team but I had to take one more post and dedicate it to team, The Yodeling Peacocks. Don't ask me how the girls game up with this name. I just know that there are three other teams in the same age division in our town that are all called the Gators and my girls wanted to be original. (I don't think you can get any more original than The Yodeling Peacocks!)

The Yodeling Peacocks before the start of a game
with sticks in for a cheer
One of the girl's parents even treated our girls to having peacock feathers in their hair for their last weekend of games. How awesome is that?! Feathers in your hair are such a big thing right now. My team was so excited and surprised when they showed up at my house for what they thought was a skills & strategy session and found a stylist waiting to clamp a peacock plume into their hair!!

 There was more fun to be had too! Another mom helped the Assistant Coach and I make signs for the girls that we hung on the fence facing the fans in the bleachers. We walked into the stadium as a team and surprised the girls when they came down the steps to the turf field. They were tickled to see their name in "lights". I also made programs with the help of Chris's sister that we handed out to the families of the girls. (I can't show you those for privacy issues but the girls loved those too!)
We made one of these for each girl in a different pattern and color
Apparently, the girls were up to their own surprises because they made signs for my Assistant Coach and I too!
How sweet is this?! LOVE IT!!!
Before the game started, my Assistant Coach and I had one more surprise for our girls. We handed out a pair of socks to each girl in order to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our girls looked absolutely adorable in their black socks with pink ribbons running down the field.

Ash (#4) with one of her teammates

After the game, (which we won 2-1) the REAL fun started...

The parents made a tunnel for the girls to run through
(That is Ash heading out)
We went to a local pizza place for some food, fun &
very thoughtful presents
(The team gave my Assistant Coach & I a framed photo of the team
and all of the girls signed it)
The team waiting so patiently for their pizza.
Such a great group of girls!!!
My Assistant Coach & I telling the girls our favorite things
about them and the season

The PROUD coaches with Ash

The PROUD coaches with Lily
(Assistant Coach's daughter)
It was a wonderful day from start to finish. I could have not wished or hope for more. My girls had a blast and so did my Assistant Coach & I. There were a few tears shed but there were a lot of laughs too! 

We grew as a team this season. We grew the love of the game this season. Most importantly though...we grew the love of each other this season. 

What coach could ask for more?!


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At October 31, 2011 at 1:15 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

Kristen I'm so happy you decided to write more about your field hockey girls :) I think we should always encourage and lift up our youth. And it sounds like you all had such a fun season with tons of great memories. I really hope you get to coach indoor this winter..that would be great! Have a wonderful Monday friend ((hugs))

At October 31, 2011 at 1:24 PM , Blogger Robbie K said...

Love the name! Sounds like you have an amazing group of girls, coaching staff & supportive parents. Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened!

At October 31, 2011 at 3:50 PM , Blogger Maren said...

It seems like you have a great group of girls on your team - but they seem to have the greatest coach too! I think it's so important to get involved and offer kids a chance to do activities they enjoy!

At November 4, 2011 at 1:58 PM , OpenID thisgalsjourney said...

How fun!! Your girls are blessed to have a coach that loves - and enjoys! - them as much as you do!!


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